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Just like tools are needed to create something and help in maintenance similarly #digitalmarketing also requires tools that are necessary for providing a successful online reputation. The use of correct digital marketing tools can help save time and cost. The tools can be divided based on the strategy you wish to use. This blog talks about some must-have business tools that are needed to boost online business performance.


This is a social media management software that helps a business grow and increase their #SocialMediaPresence. The software allows a brand to communicate with potential customers and improve customer loyalty. The software comes with multiple functions that can make it easier for a business to manage online related activities and deal with customers.


This marketing platform develops user #engagement through the use of user-generated content, contests, hashtags and more. How well your campaign is doing can be checked through this software.


This tool is for improving Facebook targeting. The tool helps make targeting more efficient and also helps with boosting of other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.


This tool is available on Facebook and helps in the creation and running of #advertising campaigns. The tool doesn’t involve a third-party fee and is among the best digital marketing tools that can help with marketing efforts. The tool allows you to target the exact audience you want without having to use a high budget.


When it comes to email marketing, email chimp tops the list as it is a tool that helps manage email related activities. For people new to the email marketing concept this tool is a must-have. The tool even has a forever free plan that is suitable for small businesses.


If you are ready to take up email marketing to the advanced level, Marketo is the tool you need. It is a multipurpose tool that stresses on automation and is suitable for email related tasks.


This display retargeting tool can be used and can boost a customer base of more than 35,000 advertisers. With access to over 500 ad exchanges which includes mainly social media networks, this tool is a must-have.


This tool also comes under the category of display retargeting tool and can be used as a self-service platform where campaigns can be passed and retargeting can be done. The platform is suitable especially for e-commerce brands and has access to consumer data of leading web retailers.


This tool helps tell and assess anonymous user data by stating how a user is likely to respond to an ad being shown. The tool then uses the information to decide where the ads should be displayed.


This tool is used to test websites and not just landing pages but multiple aspects. The tool also allows you to allow testing to be done on the segment you choose.


For hosting videos Vimeo is one of the most trusted tools used worldwide. The tool allows you to host high-quality videos on a website.


Through google analytics, you can get all relevant information related to your website. It even provides information on how many visitors your website has what they are looking for and what do they do on your website.


Moz helps with SEO related activities by helping in keeping a track of rankings and improve #SEO listings. The tool is easy to use, all that is required is basic business information.

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