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In recent times Facebook has taken an initiative of showing content that is of high quality. This act was of great benefit to Facebook users who were looking for relevant and quality based material. However, it wasn’t advantageous for the businesses that saw a sharp decline in consumers who viewed their posts.

To cover up this act, Facebook introduced Facebook marketing that came with multiple tools to help advertise a brand or a business. The focus of this blog is on boosting which is basically a tool that is part of the Facebook advertising. When you boost a post you are actually engaged in target marketing meaning you are able to directly target the desired audience.

Shared below are some important tips on how to successfully boost a Facebook post:

Know your motive

Before boosting a post you need to be clear as to for what purpose are you boosting it for. A post may be boosted to increase awareness about a brand, increase brand engagement, and generate traffic for website, promotion purposes and so on.

If you wish to effectively utilize your money it is important that you boost by first clearly setting the goal.

Targeting Options

Boosting a post is simple but successfully and effectively boosting a post can be tough. It all depends on who you are targeting. An advantage of Facebook marketing tool is that it allows you to target the exact audience. You can target the exact audience; even select the location, age, gender, and interest.

If you wish to target a specific segment of the market chooses the options accordingly but if you wish to tap on a larger segment of the market, reflect it in the targeting.


At times we ignore the timing aspect when boosting although it is important to take it into account.  Usually, companies are aware of when their target audience is most active hence that particular time should be chosen for boosting. Knowing when your users are most active and when not will help determine how successful you have remained in conveying the message.

Choose the right post

You don’t want to boost content that isn’t appealing now, do you? It is very important that content that is appealing and has creative elements incorporated.  Choose a post that is eye-catching and appealing, it should be able to convey the message properly.  Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the image text ratio should be minimum as the higher presence of text in an image can mess with the boosting not allowing the desired target audience to be reached.

Once boosted, the Facebook insight tabs can be used to see how well a post is performing.

Make use of Facebook options

Before you decide to boost a post there are other options that also need to be looked at. You need to decide whether boosting a post is the best action for you.

Facebook also offers other advertising options such as promote your page etc. Such offers are better than boosting alone. However again it all matters on what your motive is.

Keep these tips in mind for successful post boosting.

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