WordPress Website Development Online Training!

Course Outline:

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. What is Domain?
  3. What is Hosting?
  4. How create Domain Email ids?
  5. How to install WordPress?
  6. What is Admin Panel?
  7. What is Theme?
  8. How to install Theme?
  9. What is page builder?
  10.  What is plugin?
  11.  How to install Plugin?
  12.  How to Install & Configure Maintenance Plugin in?
  13.  What is Menu? Menu Creation.
  14.  Menu Linking
  15.  Categories
  16.  Blog Posts
  17.  Pages how to Create Page?
  18.  How to add a page in Menu?
  19.  How to add an image gallery?
  20.  How to Link Social Media Accounts?
  21.  What is Footer?
  22.  What are Widgets?
  23.  SEO Plugins?
  24.  User Creation?
  25.  User access and Roles?
  26.  How to integrate Google Map?
  27.  What is Media Library?
  28.  How to take Website Backup?
  29.  How to Import Theme Demos?
  30.  How to add Chat Plugin?
  31.  How to add what’s app Plugin?
  32.  How to create a Blog Page and post Blogs?
  33.  Blog Categories?
  34.  How to Make Forms?
  35.  What is a slider and how to make a Slider?
  36.  What is Theme Elements and how to use?
Website Designing Services

Course Benefits?

After completing this course, you will be able to develop professional websites for your clients and apply for a job as a WordPress Website Developer.

Why us?

We have 8 years’ experience in website development and we are a digital marketing agency not only a training center.you will learn website development in a professional way. we know what is the need of the market and what the client expects from you.

Course Details!

Course Duration : 3 Weeks

Classes: Friday – Saturday

Timings: 7 pm to 8 pm

How do We teach?

It’s a 100% Practical Course, you have to work on your website with us and in the next class, you have to show your work and you can ask any question if you have any problem.


After Training we will give you a Training Certificate, But you have to Take all Classes and have to Submit your Work.

Internship Letter:

For the Internship Letter, you have to Complete the Website Project Within 3 Weeks.

Course Requirements:

Qualification: Minimum Intermediate.

You have to buy Your DOMAIN and HOSTING. we will teach you how to buy and configure.

Course Fee: 10000/-

Training Certificate

Internship Letter

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