Terms and Conditions

It should be noted that the Terms and conditions are between Ideasols Technologies and you for the agreed upon services.

You acknowledge that you have read /understood and agreed to these Terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Ideasols Technologies is only willing to supply services on these Terms and Conditions.

Variations and Cancellations

If you wish to make any changes, please notify Ideasols Technologies in writing. The new service requested will commence from the date Ideasols Technologies provides the new Service in accordance with the Service Proposal document. The invoice will reflect

  • Charges applicable on the new service
  • Charges for any remaining invoice period for your previous service
  • Charges for amounts then due but unbilled for your previous Service (s) and
  • Charges for costs associated with any service change or cancellation where such costs are based on the standard rates of Ideasols Technologies at the time. Any amounts or deposits already paid by you for a changed, cancelled or discontinued service will not be refunded.

Ideasols will notify you 30 days before if there any changes in the terms and conditions. The made changes will be sent by email or post.


The agreement begins on the date Ideasols Technologies confirms to you that the service has been activated or such other date as agreed and continues until terminated in accordance with the terms constrained.


It should be noted that all payments will be made to Ideasols Technologies in Pakistani Rupees. The charges should be payable within 3 days of the invoice. Advanced payments and deposits are non-refundable.

You remain committed to paying us for all charges and required for the service we are providing irrespective of whether:

  • This agreement or any terms and conditions have been suspended during invoice period
  • Service has been changed or cancelled during invoice period

Please note that unless and otherwise stated prices are exclusive of GST tax.

You are required to pay full months’ payment for the social media package you have opted for.


Ideasols Technologies may suspend or terminate the agreement (without any liability):

  • At any time providing 1 months’ notice
  • Immediately by providing notice to you, if you breach including failure to pay the charges
  • You become insolvent

Events that may delay delivery of the service include:

  • Delays in receiving client approval
  • Delays in receiving client feedback and revision notes
  • Delays in receiving partial payments to initiate the project
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