5 reasons to use Social Media as Brand Promotion

Social media is a powerful digital marketing platform that can help a brand in advertising. It is a new means of advertising and has gained attention and popularity from established and emerging businesses. As brands have realized the importance of digital branding the use of social media has seen a sharp increase. It is a very convenient and easy way of getting a message conveyed without having to go through the hassle. Let’s have a look at reasons as to why social media should be used as an advertising medium.

Social media helps in the collection of data

The use of social media isn’t constrained only by chatting and sharing pictures. It is a powerful platform that can help in the collection of customer data. This includes collecting data regarding what it that they like and dislike. Such information is of great use to business as based on it can develop a strategy that they wish to use. Through insights gathered from social media platforms, a business can be notified about a consumer’s preference and what is it they are expecting. Had this data gathering been done through physically conducting surveys, a lot of time would have been consumed.

Social media helps tell what competitors are up to

Want to know what your competitors are up to? Try checking out their social media pages. This helps keep a track of what they are up to and what they are offering to the consumers. A business can design its strategy accordingly and take action before competitors do and are the first mover.

Social media helps get customers

Unlike traditional marketing which can take a number of days to show results, social media can get your customers instantly. The trick is to use the correct marketing strategy and then apply it to get a fan following. Social media allows customers to develop interaction with the business and directly ask queries if any. Customers are free to give reviews and suggestions that can aid in helping the business grow.

Social media is low-cost advertising

With social media, a business can advertise at a low cost and capture a large market. The audience reach through social media is global and the target audience is large which allows a business to expand without the major cost involved.

Social media is the new thing

A business that operates without having social media is likely to fail because nowadays having social media is a must. People prefer a business which makes use of social media and has a website through which people can view the products.

Social media is flexible

One big advantage of social media is that it allows flexibility. A business can adapt to ongoing trends instantly and remain updated. Having advertising methods that are so responsive is a blessing for many and social media allows this to happen.


Social media is here to stay and it is crucial for a business especially to make it part of their strategy because of the benefits it holds.

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With advancement in technology new means of doing business are emerging. The emergence of digital marketing has made it easier for an online business to be set up. However, the ease of starting the business doesn’t mean important aspects are neglected as a small mistake can mess up the entire system. To ensure success proper planning needs to be done beforehand that can help make sure the business is going in the right direction. The existence of online digital tools and online marketing tools has made it easy for a business to have a strong online presence.

Shared below are some tips an online business can use to have a strong online presence


Having a website has become crucial for a business as customers prefer a business that has one. The website allows customers to view the products eliminating the need to visit the facility in person.  A website is a convenient means of obtaining product information which is why a business should have it made. However when having it designed, make sure that it is easy to use, colorful and has appealing content. For customer queries, there should be a contact us option or an email provided that can help deal with concerns.


The purpose of social media is far more than chatting and having an online presence as in recent times it has become a powerful marketing means. To promote your online business it is important that you strengthen your online presence and are active on different social media platforms. Which platform should be chosen depends on the nature of your business. Create engaging posts to get fan following as well as user engagement. Make use of images and videos to add life to the social media platforms and avoid using dull posts that can bore the customer.


SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that can be used to improve rankings on search results. A startup online business should have a strong SEO that will help show the business in top rankings. This is possible when relevant keywords are used. The benefit of having a strong SEO results in trust to be developed in customers as they perceive such brands authentic. SEO can be done through blogs or through techniques such as Pay per click.


Make use of online digital tools to gather insights and information regarding the target market. What is it that they want? What are they looking for? These are some questions that need to be answered when deciding on how to tackle the target audience. Operating without having research done beforehand can result in poor digital marketing efforts.


Content that is creative and well structured should be used. When dealing online, the one thing that matters the most is content. The content used should be informative, persuasive and to the point. Avoid using lengthy content that can bore the customer and instead write to the point and in easy words.

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Instagram is a well-liked social media platform that has hundreds of thousands of followers and the numbers continue to grow by the day.  The ability of Instagram could be realized from the truth that simply 18 months after its launch the CEO of Fb bought it.

These days Instagram has turn into a trending platform for advertising and marketing. Prime companies on the earth all have entry to Instagram accounts and are utilizing it to develop sturdy relations with their clients.

Let’s take a look on the many advantages Instagram holds:


Instagram has a large shopper base that implies that if an enterprise makes use of Instagram it might probably develop its target market inside days or even weeks. An increasing number of individuals are utilizing the app to make purchases on-line which makes it a must-have for companies. The intention of an enterprise is to make gross sales and Instagram can assist in doing so.


Similar to Fb gives choices concerning which demographics to decide on, equally, Instagram holds traits that let you goal the specified viewers. Instagram additionally has retargeting capabilities that permit clients who have been beforehand not focused to have the ability to view what you must supply. This may be accomplished by way of partaking Instagram posts and movies to catch buyer consideration.


One other main advantage of Instagram is that it lets you view and collect information insights. Conversions, clicks, outcomes and so on can all be considered on Instagram. This lets you view how properly your marketing campaign is working and which areas lack. Applicable measures could be taken accordingly to result in enhancement.


Instagram lets you construct connections with clients and enhance buyer loyalty. Buyer queries could be instantly answered and an natural viewers could be reached. Not like Fb the place you must pay to get an natural viewers, Instagram will get an natural following by itself.  Engagement on Instagram is greater than that on Fb and different platforms which suggests you’ll be able to have a fan following.


Instagram lets you look into likes and dislikes of your clients. Earlier than finishing up campaigns it’s first necessary to find out about your goal market and Instagram permits you to take action. Instagram lets you sustain with the ever-changing traits and take motion primarily based on the necessities of the target market.


Instagram makes use of visuals akin to photographs for promotion functions. There may be little or no use of textual content which makes it an interesting platform. Prospects are attracted extra in direction of visuals and they’re to get extra person engagement as in comparison with different strategies.  Instagram is photo-centric which implies that it requires inventive and interesting photographs to make it work.


Instagram lets you have a separate enterprise account that can comprise solely business-related exercise. This implies you’ll be able to have your personal private account and a separate enterprise account that helps hold your personal life personal and stick with it enterprise actions on a separate account.

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The existence of digital marketing has eliminated traditional marketing methods. The growth of digital marketing is clear proof that it is here to stay and is a new means of advertising. However, despite businesses making use of digital marketing, there are very few that are actually doing it the right way. There are techniques that if applied can bring about positive results and which every business should keep in mind.

Listed below are some digital marketing techniques that can be used to boost business performance:


When using digital marketing it is important to cope up and keep a track of changing trends. Just like you have to stay updated with changing fashion trends, similarly, you have to know about all that is happening in the digital world. To make life easier there are tools present that can help tell about the trends such as Google trends.  The advantage of remaining updated is that you can adopt the trends and stay ahead of your competitors.


Advertising channels such as Facebook and Instagram provide data insights that can be used to know what is it that customers want. The use of data insights can help you take action appropriately and cover areas where you all falling back. The use of data can help get sales and make sure your investments are bringing the desired results.


SEO is a technique that can improve business rankings in the search results.  It is a powerful technique that if used properly can make your business number one in search results. You don’t want your business to appear on page 2 of Google because no one views page 2 of Google. However, not everyone can get SEO right as it requires technical experts who know about the proper identification of keywords.


The use of paid marketing campaigns can help a business reach out to a previously untapped market.  Make sure the ad is appealing and you are sure to get the desired customers you want.


Just like we require celebrities for TV endorsements similar in digital marketing leading influential personalities are required to get you instant fan following. Use an influential person to promote your social media and you will see an instant increase in your fan following.


Affiliate marketing involves the use of a third party who does marketing on your behalf. This allows the message to be conveyed to a wider consumer base and the advertiser only pays the person carrying out the advertising when a click is received.


Social media platforms have millions of users which means if you are to get your message across a wide range of audience it is important that you are using social media marketing. It is a powerful marketing technique that can be used to get fan following and increase sales. The platforms also allow viewing data insights which are another added advantage.

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